Not everyone dances! Why a photo booth is a MUST at your wedding!

NOT EVERYONE DANCES – or should dance.
Your guests will enjoy your event within their own comfort zone.  Some guests may get jiggy to the chicken dance or macarana, while others take a quieter approach with a venture around the venue. They may sneak into the photo booth to capture memories from the night. You may be surprised at what your folks do behind the photo booth curtain. These memories will keep you laughing for years.


The moments captured in our photo booth are not from Instagram or iPhones. These moments are captured instantly and spontaneously – moments you never would have had. Having a photo booth at your event is an opportunity for you to get great photos of your guests that the photographer may miss as they will be focused on you and the dance floor.  Besides, you cant fit many people into a selfie! Put the phone down, pack your friends into the booth and have some fun!


What else could be better than your guests heading home with memories from the evening. They will share it with their friends and families for a long time. This is a permanent reminder years from now how fun your wedding was. Everyone remembers a good time for a day or two but with a photo you never forget! Unlike a centerpiece, this keepsake won’t wilt after a couple of days, and you can take it home in your wallet.

The evening may be full of speeches, music and food.. but a photo, well a photo really is worth a thousand words.


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