Alternative invitations ideas without the stress – Just be you!

“First impressions count’.. oh, that old age saying..  and they sure do!  This is why the first thing your guests will see, the invitation or save the date, is so important to the host.  This is the first part of your event they will see, hold and read. Setting the tone is very important and can leave some hosts extremely anxious and stressed out. But don’t fret,  breathe, take a step back and ask yourself.. “why should i put so much pressure on myself?”

Think creatively –  Invitations do not HAVE to represent the event, I mean there are no rules to this.. 2015 is the year of trend setting, being unique and yourself. How about an invite/save the date representing you!  You already know your guests (friends and family) love you, so when they see an invite/save the date that represents YOU, they will love it! Plus it sets no expectations of your event. So, how do you do this? Add something personal, like a photo, sense of humor, your favorite animal or hobby. If the event is outside, DIY a cool cut out of trees or photo of your last camping trip toasting some smores. Try not to overthink it. Here are some creative alternative invites ideas.. now get creative!

Click here for info on these invites or for even more inspiration


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