Celebrate earth day with these green party ideas

April 22nd is Earth Day..once again. However, Earth Day should be everyday. We are all this world has to keep it going for generations to come. Here are some earth friendly party ideas you can use year round. Lets get going!


Nature has so many colors, smells and textures.. incorporating your party into natural surroundings is super simple and especially during spring, beautiful!  Find a venue like a park, garden,  winery or hills and set up decor around the trees and shrubs. Just make sure to clean up after, always leave the world better than how you found it.


Going green doesn’t have to be dull and tasteless. You can get creative by choosing organic fruits in your fruit platter, serving on recycle plates and having fun with food items.


To celebrate earth day, you have to be earth conscious. Instead of giving out goodie bags filled with cavity causing sweets and plastic. How about giving plants or seeds, you can even have everyone come over to plant some trees.  You may even start a trend for the next party and your gift just keeps on giving.

All photos via PINTEREST


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