Whats up with the brown and white makeup photos taking over? It’s called contouring, and here is how to do it like a professional.

Do you have an upcoming wedding, birthday or event with a photographer? Then this video is a must to watch.  First of all, what is contouring?  It’s all about the shading!  It’s an illusion that can make your nose appear smaller, your double chin miraculously disappear or cheek bones that pop!  This is all done using products from your local drugstore or high end make up retail locations depending on your budget.

With a few tips, tricks, and some knowledge on how and why you want to create shadows and highlights in certain areas on the face, you’ll be on your way to makeup-up artist status. Contour and highlight your face like a contouring master with these tips:

What are your favorite contouring tools? Let us know in the comments below. 

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