How to gather the group for an epic photo (without using a megaphone).

Whether its your wedding or a big party, we all know how grouping everyone together for a photo can be a tiring experience.  You may feel like you are gathering geese, everyone is spread around the venue, the music is loud and you wish you had a megaphone. Well don’t fret,  Here are some ideas to gather everyone into one awesome epic shot.

1. Make an announcement at dinner, when its quieter, letting the guests know there will be a group photo later in the evening.  Some may appreciate this heads up so they can readjust makeup and hair.

2. On the table leave an announcement written on paper with a time. “Friends & Family please join us outside at 8pm for a group photo.”

3. Put the Bridal Party to work with the mission of each taking a table or two as their responsibility to get everyone together.

4. Have the DJ stand up on a stool or table to take a full view shot of the entire room.

Here are some ideas for your group photo:

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