Professional tips for planning a corporate party

Are you planning a corporate event? Here are some tips to help guide you through:


  1. Set a budget: Determine your budget from the get go. How much will this event cost you and what you can afford. This is extremely important to help with the scouting a location part.
  2. Select a date: You can’t have an event without a date. Make sure it doesn’t fall on a holiday or conflicting weekend. Some locations may even be cheaper if it is a Friday rather than a Saturday event. Many venues large enough to accommodate corporate events get booked up to a year in advance. Be sure to stake out different locations for your event and always have a Plan B. Don’t plan your corporate event for a Friday or Monday; you won’t get a very high turnout.
  3. Search for locations: How much room do you need? Should it be a business location or a more relaxed environment. Will they cater or do you provide that? There are many questions to answer before you start scouting locations.
  4. Promote your event: Using platforms like social media, invitations and online events can really help leverage your event awareness.  Give invitees plenty of notice for your event. A good rule of thumb is to send out invitations or e-vites between 3 and 6 months in advance.

For even more great tips click here. 


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