FALL-ing in love this year? 25 ideas for an Autumn wedding

Fall is the perfect season to cozy up at a wedding or party. What a great time of the year when the beauty of natural color changes enhances photos, ambiance and moods. Here are some ideas for your Autumn wedding. Congratulations!

Cozy up the guests with their own blanket waiting on the seats. This is a fabulous party favor too. The gift that keeps on giving.

Wow, these beautiful fall wedding cakes are so unique and look delicious. How fun is the idea to carve the couples initial into the cake so it appears as if it is a wood carving.

The aisle is so important to set the mood as its most likely the first place guests will see. The best part about a fall wedding is that you can use the natural golden leaves, candles and pumpkins around you. This can save money and time. Less is more and natural is even better.

Fall can be a glorious time to enjoy the fruits of the season. Have fun and explore Autumns foods like apples, pumpkin, pears and smores. yum!

All photos via pinterest. Click here for more fall inspiration. 


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