CTM Photo Booth now offers lighting/DJ packages

A GREAT wedding DJ can sometimes be hard to find for your reception. Capture the Moment now offers a veteran wedding DJ that can play a wide variety of music and help you craft a wedding reception that fits your wishes and needs perfectly.

introducing DJ CHRIS ROX

chrisroxMusic isn’t what he does, it’s who he is! Though not raised in a particularly musical family, Chris found his love of music at the tender age of 8, when the song “Rapper’s Delight” hit the airwaves. It was the infectious beat and playful cadence of the song that instantly grabbed him and wouldn’t let go. To this day, it’s still one of his favorite songs of all times.

Born and raised in Southern California, Chris spent his formative years in a nice middle class neighborhood in south Orange County. Even though he was naturally talented at sports, it wasn’t what inspired him, unlike his peers. Being a natural born story teller like his grandpa, making people laugh and feel good, was a perfect fit for Chris. When music came into the mix, it was the ideal combination! Mimicking commercials, performing Elvis for his parents, lip syncing to The Rolling Stones, with a makeshift cardboard guitar, were some early fond memories of Chris’ musical expressions. Break dancing in the street on linoleum with neighborhood friends and making mix tapes from his favorite songs on the radio, also come to mind. It wasn’t until 5th grade, when Chris joined the jazz band and learned how to read music. That lasted for 2 years, then came the acting and performing in plays all the way through high school. He even won a high school lip sync contest, with a friend in 1987.

Though music continued to be a huge part of his life, it wasn’t until about late 1999 when Chris picked up some hand percussion drums and found a natural ability to play. Steering wheels, dashboards and even large water bottles, were among his instruments to keep rhythm on. Basically anything that would create a beat. It’s a skill that definitely comes in handy for DJing and is another outlet of music that he loves.

But many years rolled by without any consistent opportunities for Chris to hone his raw talent. It wasn’t until a financial windfall came in 2004 that finally afforded him the chance to pursue music in a more unique and tangible way. He stepped out in faith and purchased his first DJ gear and in August 2005, DJ Chris Rox was born! If it weren’t for all the informal and spontaneous performing Chris did growing up, being a DJ might not have been possible.

It is amazing that August 2015 marked a whole decade in an industry that has brought him incredible joy and satisfaction. There is nothing like being the musical architect of an event and watching people let down their guard, even if for a few hours. In an uncertain world, music is and can be incredibly healing to the soul. Which is why it’s so important that Chris puts his all into every event. Performing for people is a natural fit for him, but even after 10 years of countless weddings and events, he is just getting started! There are new ideas and new clients he can’t wait to work with and hopefully you’ll be one of them.

Whether it’s your wedding, birthday, anniversary or corporate event, DJ Chris Rox understands professionalism! From mild to wild, Chris goes above and beyond his client’s expectations and he isn’t happy, unless they’re happy. So make an appointment today to meet with him and see if he’s the right fit for your special event.

Remember, “music isn’t what he does, it’s who he is”. Contact us today for availability. BOOK TODAY!

PLUS we now offer UPLIGHTING

Rent uplighting for an easy and affordable way to create a modern wedding reception. Uplighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue and adding ambiance. Clients consistently tell us that wedding lighting and event lighting has added more “pizazz” and garnered more compliments than any other decoration at their reception. BOOK TODAY!


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